Bev Buckle

  • $29.95

Mike Lee always likes a cool twist on a buckle.  He's won a lot of them and knows a good buckle when he sees one.

And if you want to show off your stache, why not do it on a buckle!  

Mike is of Irish descent so he has to have the clover buckle. St. Patrick used the clover to teach about the God to the Irish. 

BevBuckle gives a whole new meaning to hold my drink.

Voted this year’s most viral product by free hands everywhere, BevBuckle is the world’s first retractable belt buckle that holds your favorite canned or bottled drink.

From the Bev Buckle website, "A little class to go with your Mustache!  The Mustache Bevbuckle design will be your new favorite accessory! The Mustache BevBuckle holds any bottled or canned beverage and works on any belt style."

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